New Pall Filter Medium For Hydraulic/Lube —Literature Available

Pall Industrial Hydraulics Corporation, Glen Cove, N.Y., has added a new grade of filter medium to its Ultipore® line of filter elements for hydraulic and lube oil service. Designated "US" grade, the new medium has an absolute removal rating of 12 micrometers and a /3I0 rating of 25 as measured by the ISO Multipass Test (ISO 4572).

It has been designed to optimize element life while still providing protection against abrasive wear in hydraulic and lube systems. The new "US" grade elements can withstand a differential pressure of 150 psid. They demonstrate superior cold start performance and low clean pressure drop, and are compatible with all common oil, water-base, or synthetic fluids.

Filter elements incorporating the new medium are available for the full range of Pall high and low pressure filters. This includes 6,000 psi filters with flows to 375 gpm, as well as low pressure filters, including spin-ons, Ultivoir ® in-tank return filters, 8300 high flow (to 600 tpm) filters, and the r e c e n t l y introduced Rotolok™ series of 600 psi filters. For more information,

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